5 things about vBSocial 10:

  • Its' all redesigned and sleeker than ever
  • You can now stream multiple RSS feeds as notifications
  • Its a fully responsive - works on web, tablets and mobile (and mobile themes)
  • It has 15 full themes built in, changeable with the click of the mouse. changes every component of the bar including dropdowns.
  • It 100% fully customizable, and will make your site own the competition.
  • Its the real deal. We've already deployed on a site with 500k+ users - ConceptArt.org

Watch the video in action

Watch the video in action

Lite Version vs. Full Version:
Lite version comes with alot, but by no means is it for serious admins.
-Global Notifications: replies to threads, profile posts
-Fully responsive design: Works on mobile, tablets, and web.
-15 different, FULLY designed themes
-Newly Designed, registration, profile dropdowns, dynamic profile dropdown
-Auto-installation + auto logo detection
-Facebook Connect Integration
-Easy installation, automatic template adjustments
-It has RTL compatibility

Pro includes all +:
-Private Messaging
-Multi-RSS Feed Notifications
-Comes with powerful bootstrap manual, every single aspect is customizable
-Premium columnular forum dropdown of categories - dynamic
-Abe Thanks notifications
-Dbtech mentions notifications
-Optimized notifications
-Works on CMS
-And lots more.
Watch the video in action

**There are some differences between vBSocial 10 for vB4 as there is for vB5.

Get notifications by Marking as Installed


Uninstall any previous versions. This is a completely newly built plugin. Upload files, install .xml. Then proceed to our settings in admincp.

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