A Post Markers system based on Google Maps! See screenshots!
It uses also markerclusterer system and auto-thread poster when a new location is submited. Of course for all actions there are Usergroup Permissions settings!

What do you need?
You need to enable a Google Maps JavaScript API Key and setup it on admin settings of this addon.
1. Upload all files of /upload folder to your forum root.
2. Import *xml product on admin control panel.
3. Check addon's settings on vbulletin options.
4. (Important) You must get an API Key from Google to do your Map working (Google Maps JavaScript API).
More info:
Then, you copy/paste your API on addon's relative setting and your're ready to post markers!

Credits: Very very thanks to for which was a custon paid job and they allowed me to share it publicly with you!


Original Source: [Scandal's] Google Map Locations System