DragonByte Newsletter is the latest in the lineup of DragonByte Technologies modifications, enabling you to send an automated newsletter to your members.

DragonByte Newsletter lets you send an automated digest to users, containing the most popular threads from the last week. Users have powerful 1-click solutions for either reducing or increasing the frequency of your newsletter (Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly, Yearly), as well as an 1-click unsubscribe button.

The newsletter itself can be styled and re-coloured based on your forum's preferences by editing the simple HTML templates. By default, it styles itself to look like the Default Style included in every vBulletin installation.

The scheduled task ensures a limited amount of users are processed at a time, reducing server load and increasing the delivery rate of your newsletter.


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Major Features

Automatically Chosen: Threads are chosen and ordered based on an advanced algorithm to display the most popular threads first.

Automatically Sent: Newsletters are sent automatically based on the user's preferences, no admin interaction required!

Performance Oriented: By limiting how many users are processed per batch cycle, the performance of your forum will not be impacted.

Major Features (Pro)

Forum Exclusion: Have a spam section where members can post as much as they want? You are able to fine-tune what source forums the newsletter pulls its threads from.

Introduction Section: Want to write a custom introduction blurb for your newsletter, e.g. sponsorship links or similar? You can define a custom block of text to appear above the thread list.

Complete Feature List (Lite)

vBulletin Options
  • Display Version Number
  • Branding Free Key
  • (Optional) Affiliate ID
  • Enable/Disable Modification

1-Click Management
  • Reduce Frequency
  • Increase Frequency
  • Unsubscribe

Manage Newsletters
  • Title
  • Optionally only include publicly accessible forums
  • Choose entry cost & currency from list of created currencies
  • Enable Advanced Sorting algorithm
  • Limit how many threads appear in the newsletter

Scheduled Task: Send Newsletter
  • Automatically sends newsletters based on the users' preferences
  • Sends them in batch to improve performance
  • Runs every 10 minutes

Complete Feature List (Pro)

Manage Newsletters
  • Introduction to be displayed above newsletters
  • Thread Sort Order (if not using Advanced Sorting)

  • Subscribed/Unsubscribed
  • Frequency
    • Weekly (default)
    • Bi-Monthly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Bi-Yearly
    • Yearly


This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of emails generated by this mod which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification


Original Source: [DBTech] DragonByte Newsletter (vB4)