Allow thread starter and mods/admins to send notification when OP is updated (like here in

Note: I just rewrite the mod to support vb 4.2.x. Credits go to Developer
As I'm not a real coder, maybe there is some bugs like need need to edit (just open and save) any forum after installation to update the cache.
So if you want to help will be great!

Main Features:

Choose to whom members update notice will be sent - Subscribed or Replied
Minimum number of post before OP is allowed to send update notice
Giving selected users power to send update notice
Sending PM and/or Mail

Additional features:
Option to choose sub-forums where this hack can be used
View screenshots for more details.

- Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

- Enable the hack in AdminCP > Option > Send Update pm/mail
Once again I'm not a coder, so if you want to improve my code feel free to do it :-)

Original Source: Send PM/mail on thread update