Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Is yahoo directory is free ?

13.Ekim.2014, 22:41
Hello Guyzz,

Actually am searching for free directory submission in yahoo. I have tried a lot but can't able to find it. What I have found that it is an paid directory of $299.
If you have any idea that how we can submit our site in yahoo directory for free.. Just tell me the process.

Thanks in Advance...https://webmaster.bbs.tr/proxy/Zjl03hsYz8R6uePffHywfM8bxJ66QpTkB4FhxleZvCVQNY0ir5 BixutoRkMPOLfpBXvSYB0f7A2zan9SdsvWa0E%3D/image.png