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27.Eylül.2015, 02:26
Little mod with which you can extend the functionality of the pages in the printable version.

Displaying Images on the printable version pages(optional)
On the fly conversion links of inline image-attachments to the built-in images (be activated with the first option)
Possibility for layout settings for the converted image-attachments (using CSS properties)
Ability to output at once all the posts from thread on one page (to easily search for the desired text from all thread on the one page) (optional)
Appended to the threadtools link with request all posts from thread on the one page(optional, and so you can limit the maximum number of posts on one page with reassigning the regular vb-settings(but only for printable versions))
Friendly design in mod group-settings (thanks to LifesGreatestGift for great idea!))))

This is my first mod with which I share on vb.org. So wellcome, I`ll try to be a maximum supports.
And... I`m not enough good in english, so.. I will be grateful for literary correction of incorrect phrases in my mod

And one more! Some part of the code based on ideas of:
thanks both for advices!

================================================== ==============

>>>>Little help for best using my mod.
For install:

Upload folder advprintthread to the root of your forum(its just for icon-image in admincp, so it is not so necessary ).
Import product from product manager

Nice function:
After you installing product, go to Options and choose Printthread settings.
Then set option: 'Link with all posts' to 'yes', and fill field 'Maximum displayed posts on one page' with 'all'.
After this, in every thread, in threadtools, you can found new link:


if you click it, you will see all posts from thread in one page in printable version. This allows you to perform an instant search with the contents of all messages in a thread, using the builtin search function of your browser (CTRL + F).
If you are experiencing a very heavy load on your host because of the large number of messages, in option 'Maximum displayed posts on one page' instead of 'all', simply enter the allowable number of messages (for example: '200').



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